New store sales forecast "super" introduction (1) What is regression analysis?Essential knowledge that can be understood only by junior high school mathematics

Sales forecast for new properties that many people are worried about "I can't hit" or "I don't know how to do it".The knowledge of statistics and Excel, which is essential for sales forecasting in store development, is directly explained in practice, using only junior high school mathematics.

Pitfalls in road-side store sales forecasts: What is the reason for not selling even if the amount of traffic in front of the store is outstanding? ~

What is the relationship between traffic volume in front of the store and store sales?Based on the painful experience of a roadside store on a strong flow line, where predictions were greatly missed, he explains how to view the traffic volume in front of the store and important points to check other than the number of passersby.

How many trade zone populations are needed? ~ The concept of the population around the store, which is also important for dealing with small commercial areas ~

As the market shrinks, the idea of ​​the surrounding population is also important when considering how to respond to small commercial areas.The way of thinking differs depending on the position, and it is a company-wide problem that cannot be decided only by the to decide

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