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We provide strategic advice and supporting logic / data to a wide variety of categories of consumer-oriented retail chain operators.  We have advised some of the highly recognized consumer retail brands with outcomes including;

Store development strategy consulting - Draft store development strategy upon Japan market entry;  Store development potential analysis;  Store real estate locationing analytics;  New store sales forecasting model development & training;  Existing store network diagnostics;  Competition / cannibalization analysis of existing stores;  Employee training (store development basics / store development strategy workshop).
Retail brand strategy consulting - Marketing planning;  Marketing intelligence;  Customized marketing research;  PR / marketing communications strategy development, direction & execution.

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managing directors – profile

Mari Koizumi

Mari’s career includes broad and varied marketing experience spanning business development, brand management, product marketing, marketing intelligence, B2B marketing, creative direction, PR, IR, advertising, merchandising, and legal research.

Ex – marketing / pr manager Apple & WebTV Networks, brand management group manager Starbucks, international brand management Schwarzkopf & Henkel, marketing manager Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, marketing intelligence IKEA.

BA International Christian University, Social Science Division (Major: Law).  Juris Doctor, Graduate School of Law Hitotsubashi University.

Dr. Taku Kato

Taku is an expert in market strategy and sales forecasting model development for retail businesses. Before becoming an academic specializing in service marketing and store development strategy, Taku developed thousands of real estate location analytics plus sales forecasts for McDonald’s Japan and Starbucks Coffee Japan utilizing his statistical modeling and financial analysis skills.

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kyorin University.  Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, Tokyo Gakugei University.  Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, Tsuda University.  Research interests:  Service Marketing, Store Development Strategy, Quantitative Analysis of Consumer Behavior.

Business Career
Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd.  – Real Estate Research Team Manager, Real Estate Department, Store Development / Strategic Planning Team Manager, Corporate Planning.  Marketing Center Co., Ltd.  – Research Planning Division for McDonald’s Japan Store Development / Research Planning Division (clients include convenience store and other major retail chain operators).

BA:  Keio University, Faculty of Commerce (Major: Marketing).  MA:  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science.  Doctor Course:  Keio University, Graduate School of Commerce.  Overseas Education:  Copenhagen Business School.  Doctor Course:  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science.


Real Estate Notary (Registration: Tokyo No. 242957), Certified Member of the Nippon Technical Analysts Association (CMTA®).

Japan Association for Consumer Studies, Japan Marketing Research Association.  Certified Member of The Nippon Technical Analysts Association.

Publications (English)
Should Service Retailers Expand Store Network Nationally?  Case Study of Cramming School Business in Japan, International Review of Management and Business Research, Vol. 4 Issue. 2
Store Development Strategies of Mini-box Service Retailers: Analytical Framework and Case Study in Japanese Food Service, International Journal of Marketing Studies, Vol. 4, No. 4; 2012,  pp. 1-12.
Dynamics of Mini-box Service Retailers’ Store Network Management, International Business Research, Vol. 6, No.1; 2013, pp. 54-62.

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